Gifted and Talented (G/T) Parent Inventory and Permission to Test and Participate

Student ID is required to submit this form, please have it ready before submitting it. If you do not know your student's ID, please call their campus to obtain it before beginning. Only Kindergarten - 12th students are eligible for a Gifted and Talented referral, no Pre-K students are eligible for referrals at this time. Parents, The referral window for Spring Independent School District's Gifted & Talented Program is now open. A student may be referred for gifted/talented screening by a teacher, counselor, parent, or interested person. The referral process includes completing and submitting this questionnaire. Please complete this form to help us obtain more information about your child. We value your input.

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Spring ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening

Parent Inventory

Instructions: In each section, indicate the frequency in which the characteristics or behaviors are demonstrated by your child. The Bilingual Skills section is for students who are bilingual or second language learners.

    Advanced Language

  1. Uses a large vocabulary and more precise language than expected for the age level
  2. Expresses similes, metaphors, or analogies: “A______ is really like a _________because________ .”
  3. Explains complex concepts to others
  4. Uses verbal skills to handle conflicts or influence others
  5. Analytical Thinking

  6. Able to abstract and generalize information
  7. Thinks logically: presents arguments logically
  8. Thinks critically
  9. Recognizes relationships or patterns between ideas or experiences
  10. Enjoys analyzing and solving difficult problems
  11. Meaning Motivation

  12. Generates multiple new ideas and solutions to problems
  13. Displays high levels of task commitment and energy when pursing interests
  14. Eager to do things differently; independent
  15. Perspective

  16. Explains another’s point of view
  17. Approaches problems from an unusual perspective in oral discussions, art, writing, and math solution, or problem-solving
  18. Develops advanced or unique graphic products and patterns
  19. Sense of Humor

  20. Says or does something indicating a sense of humor beyond the age-level expectations
  21. Uses figurative language and puns for humorous effect
  22. Sensitivity

  23. Exhibits intense concern for human issues
  24. Intuitive and insightful of others’ needs and feelings
  25. Cares deeply but may mask sensitivity
  26. Demonstrates high expectations of self and others
  27. Prefers to be a loner part of the time
  28. Accelerated Learning

  29. Demonstrates knowledge beyond the age-level expectations
  30. Comprehends and uses symbols with an unexpected ability
  31. Understands and uses advanced ideas, concepts, or implications
  32. Creates products that are advanced for the age-level expectations
  33. Bilingual Skills: The Bilingual Skills section is for students who are bilingual or second language learners.

  34. Acts as translator for family or friends
  35. Recognizes humor in more than one language
  36. Entertains others with language
  37. Desires to find the perfect word to describe an idea, thought, or thing

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